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Best restaurants near me. Popular types of food & restaurants near you. POPULAR CUISINES; African Food Near Me · British Food Near Me · Cajun Food Near Me · Caribbean Food Near Me · Chinese Food Near Me · Eastern European Food Near Me · French Food Near Me · German Food Near Me · Greek Food Near Me ...
Follow the Quarter workers, the service industry folks, the bartenders and waitresses, to places where good eating can be cheap eating. Some spots are open 24 hours, some deliver. Some are at their best in the middle of the night. For our purposes, “cheap” is defined as breakfast for $6 or less, lunch or dinner for around.
Dining on a dime is part of New York's DNA—just look at the best cheap eats in NYC for proof, stocked with classic city grub from New York pizza parlors to dumplings to deli sandwiches. In fact, it's never been a better time for budget eating: You can get bargain-hunter dim sum at some of the city's best Chinese restaurants,.

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most recent, hotness, price low to high. Showing 1 - 19 out of 19 matches for cheap restaurant deals. offer, although that was good on all sandwiches. You can choose black forest ham, meatball marinara, spicy Italian, cold cut combo, or veggie delite.. Click here to find your nearest location. › SEE ALL RESTAURANTS.
The Grotto lies way downtown on New Street — who would expect to find a great cheap southern Italian restaurant there?... A steam table the size of an airstrip at nearby LaGuardia displays a plethora of pungent, spice-driven meat dishes featuring chicken, lamb, and mutton, reminding us that the Spice.
Great fish at great price · Restó. 11. People have been raving about this place to me for a while now. After experiencing this by myself, I curse myself for not doing it earlier. The food is great and the price is even greater! They have an amazing fish soup and the fish of the day seems to never fail. Read more ›. by Jonas.
Dining on a dime is part of New York's DNA—just look at the best cheap eats in NYC for proof, stocked with classic city grub from New York pizza parlors to dumplings to deli sandwiches. In fact, it's never been a better time for budget eating: You can get bargain-hunter dim sum at some of the city's best Chinese restaurants,.

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The Upper East Side is changing.
And yet, in so many ways, this neighborhood remains exactly the same as it was 30 years ago.
Some of the best things are the oldest things, including the people.
Does Sean Connery have a place in the East Village?
No he does not.
So what are you even doing there?
From OG establishments to new spots that are actually good, this is your complete guide to all click the following article Upper East Side restaurants that matter, all in one place.
The main draw, however, is the food - and theirs is some of the best on the UES.
So if you live on the UES and complain about the lack of cool places with excellent food, this should be your new go-to.
Stop by on a Sunday morning and get a bagel with some best smoked salmon in the city.
Sushi of Gari is near the top of the list when it comes to high end sushi anywhere in this town, and the individual pieces of raw fish here come topped with things like seared tomato and quail eggs.
So the next time you want sushi late-night and have forgotten that money is a real thing, come here and spend more than you should.
Legendary sandwiches, legendary cappuccinos, excellent pasta, and even some gelato, all in one very expensive place.
Use it for date night or dinner with your parents, or just use it for a drink at the bar like we do from time to time.
Come here for some alone time at the bar, or bring a first date who wants to try some good wine.
It also works well for brunch.
A panuozzo is sort of like a giant sandwich made with pizza dough, and San Matteo is one of cheap nice places to eat near me few places in NYC where you can get one.
This place also does about 25 different kinds of pizza and we tend prefer thoseand they also have pasta, calzones, and small plates - which makes this a pretty solid neighborhood Italian option.
We like the ramen here best particularly the minced pork onebut their dumplings are also solid, as are the broth-less banmen dishes, and the rice donburis.
Pull up a seat and do your best not to cheap nice places to eat near me it soccer.
Stop by and have a beer or cocktail while you watch some sports, or bring the kids for brunch.
Amali is a great Mediterranean restaurant on 60th Street, right near Bloomingdales and Barneys and probably whatever other shopping destination brought you to this part of town.
Is this the best restaurant on the Upper East Side?
Say you moved from downtown to the Upper East Side, and the main thing you miss about lower Manhattan is the abundance of dumplings.
There are a bunch of big round tables, so feel free to come with a group, and be sure to get some soup dumplings.
Nica is an old-school Italian spot where the owner will probably introduce himself to you.
He might also tell you to try the gnocchi, and you should listen to him.
There are white tablecloths on the tables, so, feel free to wear a suit here - but you should also know that this is just a slightly fancier neighborhood spot and there is, by no means, a dress code.
Order the goat cheese salad and a roast chicken with fries, every single time, and you will be a successful person.
Up Thai is a spot that all UES residents should know about.
We get the excellent crispy duck and chicken larb.
The place itself could pass for a prom dinner location, but know that they do a great takeout operation as well.
Uva is your move.
Every neighborhood needs places like East Harlem Bottling Co.
Owned by a husband and wife team who felt like their neighborhood needed its own Peach Pit or Central Perk, or Cheers, depending on which sitcom setting you most identify withEast Harlem Bottling Co.
Generally speaking, this place is a home run for this neighborhood.
Beyoglu has been doing a strong business on 3rd Avenue for years, trading largely on the quality of their hummus and doner kebab, and the many outdoor tables from which to eat them.
Plus the menu is huge, and it goes beyond the usual Thai noodle dishes that your least-interesting friends order.
La Esquina Taqueria is, at this point, a mini-chain in NYC.
But there is a little sitting area, and you can always just grab a few takeout tacos on your way home.
Flex has been a staple of the Upper East Side since it opened back in 2008.
The mussels are great, and their raw bar is an ideal place to eat some oysters and drink a glass or three of wine.
You know that time you ordered chicken tenders at that Irish pub on Third Avenue?
Instead, come drink with your friends at The Penrose and eat their bar food, which includes things like fried pickles and a spicy beef sandwich.
Another one of our favorite Upper East Side Restaurants for pasta and a pizza.
This place is also a win with kids.
A Greek restaurant on York Ave.
The food is simple, cheap nice places to eat near me, and made for sharing, which makes Yefsi a great move for a group dinner or that next annoying double date that you have to plan.
Sandros is a long white room that comes accessorized with a large, friendly Italian man the owner who will pour you grappa at the end of your meal.
Moti Mahal Deluxe is the New York location of a huge chain of Indian restaurants that spans across Asia.
Get the butter chicken.
Mei Jin Ramen is a little spot near 82nd Street where you can sit on a stool and eat a bowl of noodles on a Tuesday night.
Order the miso beef ramen or, if you want something spicy, go for the chili chicken kind.
Come for breakfast or come for lunch, but whatever you do, eat a turkey club or a turkey omelette.
Viand roasts their own every day.
While we love Moti Mahal Deluxe, Om is the Indian restaurant where we eat most frequently.
The food is a bit lighter, while still being incredibly flavorful.
Tanoshi is home to one of the best omakase situations in all of New York City.
This is an old-school establishment, and they do one of our favorite burgers in the city.
Maybe you even have a cute nickname for it, something like HHBTSOTR.
If you cheap nice places to eat near me to show someone that you know about under-the-radar spots, come here.
The beef pho is also great, and if you want a sandwich, feel free to get a banh mi.
Pho Shop has plenty of seating, but also know that all of this food delivers pretty well.
They do semi-upscale Mexican food, with things like lobster tacos, steak, and various ceviches.
This location on 82nd has a particularly nice backyard, and it works well for an outdoor brunch or a warm-weather date night.
The sandwiches are huge and excellent, but not too huge.
The corned beef here is also tremendous, as is the matzo ball soup.
Quality slice joints are tough to come by on the UES, but Marinara is exactly that.
Here there are more slice options than there are days in the month, and a bunch of them are very, very good.
They are both incredible.
Just get a slice or two and either eat them there, or take them back to your couch.
There are several locations in the city, and this one on the Upper East Side has a big bar and plenty of tables.
This is where you come for a simple start to your day.
You would never guess it, but they have food and alcohol here.
The alcohol is more-or-less standard, but for food you can get calamari, cheese curds covered in gravy, or savory mozzarella French toast.
Or you can just have a burger.
If you need a late-night snack beneath a disco ball, this is the place.
One of the few vegan restaurants in this part of town, and an excellent one at that.
If you need vegan food on the UES, get it here.
At least they named it correctly.
Hit it for a late night bite after a night at the bars and eat a foie gras taco or a grilled cheese with pork belly and kimchi.
The best restaurants and places to feed yourself around Grand Central, newly updated with more excellent options.
By on April 4, 2016 There are many places to eat eggs and cheap nice places to eat near me in the middle of the day on the Upper East Side - here are cheap nice places to eat near me favorites.
By on June 24, 2016 Whether you are a student, visiting a student, or just lost in this part of town, here's how to eat well around Columbia University.
By on February 22, 2016 With its downtown vibe and solid menu, The East Pole is exactly the youthful shot in the arm the Upper East Side needed.
By on October 15, 2013 Marlow Bistro is an Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side that feels like the setting of a first date scene from a 90s romantic comedy.
By on January 29, 2018.



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